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A DME Distributor


J Med Supply Inc. was founded in 2016 by company President and CEO John Amirthiah. Since its’ inception, the company has had a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. John started operations from his garage and quickly grew to occupying a small office in a matter of months. Thanks to our loyal business partners and customers, Today J Med Supply Inc. proudly occupies a large warehouse over 8000 sq. ft. and looking to grow even bigger.

John has 18 Year experience working in the management level for a large multinational Medical supply company & a DME company. “One of the first things I noticed when I started in the DME field was that large Manufacturers dominated the industry. Medicare and Medi-cal patients relied solely on insurance and co-pays, hence, quality products and services were very hard to come by. I remember driving from LA to Yorba Linda to deliver a wheel chair to a client, whose patient was getting discharged. I was stuck in terrible LA traffic and I knew I was not going to make it on time. I called the client and asked if I could deliver directly to their patient at the hospital. My client was very happy because this saved them a trip and the patient was even happier to receive the product sooner than expected and received a thorough training on the product”.

That day I took a promise to make a difference in the industry and to start the best Medical Supply Company in CA. J Med Supply Inc., also added equipment installation to our services, making sure our clients are happy and well trained with our equipment. At J Med Supply Inc., we stand by our commitment to providing the on time delivery of high quality DME products with friendly and reliable customer service.